FORA Diamond GD50: Reliability and Accuracy in One Solution

FORA Diamond GD50

Millions of people around the world are affected by diabetes every year. Each year, approximately 30 million new diabetics are diagnosed globally (International Diabetes Federation, 2022). If uncontrolled, diabetes can lead to life-threatening severe health complications, such as hypertension, kidney disease, and infections. The International Diabetes Federation has advocated for healthier lifestyles and recommended that self-monitoring your blood glucose level is crucial for maintaining good health.

ForaCare introduces the Diamond GD50 blood glucose monitoring solution to help diabetic patients measure their blood sugar levels at any time.

What Is FORA Diamond GD50

The FORA Diamond GD50 is a robust and compact glucose monitoring system supported by innovative technology to accurately measure your blood glucose levels. The user-friendly monitoring features of of the FORA Diamond GD50 makes it the perfect solution for self-monitoring. This glucose meter offers the highest quality and standards so that you can better focus on diabetes management.

The FORA Diamond GD50 utilizes our innovative Intuitive Sensing Technology (IST) to provide accurate and precise blood glucose measurements and Advanced Superior Sip-In Technology (ASSI) to improve overall testing experience. The high measuring accuracy of the FORA Diamond GD50 is clinically validated by the EN ISO 15197:2015.

Key Features Installed In Diamond GD50

The following are some technical features installed in Diamond GD50:

1. Bluetooth 4.0 Or USB Connectivity (a/b):
This feature helps you view test results on the computer by transferring data to the Healthcare Software System using a USB cable (GD50a). Bluetooth connectivity (GD50b) transmits data to the iFORA BG application.

2. IST Technology:
The built-in IST technology provides error-free, accurate blood glucose measurements by enhancing the plasma interaction in the blood sample and eliminating interfering factors that may interfere with test results.

3. LCD Display:
A large display screen lets you easily read glucose test results on the meter display.

Benefits That Diamond GD50 Offers

Thanks to ForaCare’s promise of being committed and dedicated to providing diabetes self-monitoring through their innovative glucose meters. The benefits of the FORA Diamond GD50 include:

1. No Coding:
With built-in IST technology, you can enjoy coding-free and smooth testing with Diamond GD50. Just insert the strip, and the result will be displayed.

2. Portability:
The stylish and compact design of Diamond GD50 makes it a portable gadget, offering accurate glucose readings in the palm of your hand.

3. Quick Results:
What’s more incredible than getting your blood glucose readings in just 5 seconds?

4. Ting Blood Volume:
Now you can monitor blood glucose with a tiny blood sample of just 0.5μL, which means less pain with needles.

5. Ketone Warning:
FORA Diamond GD50 alerts you of abnormal ketone levels so you can take the necessary action as early as possible.

6. Safe Strip Ejection:
The safe strip ejection design of Diamond GD50 reduces the risk of cross-infection by allowing users to eject test strips without touching them.


FORA Diamond GD50 offers self-monitoring of blood glucose with accurate readings so you can better manage your diabetes. With a sophisticated design, GD50 empowers the IST technology to provide precise results in just 5 seconds. The glucose meter also alerts you of abnormal ketone levels, requires small blood volume, and offers safe strip ejection.

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