Diabetes Prevalence, Detection and Prevention in Europe 2021

Diabetes Prevalence in Europe

Diabetes Prevalence in Europe

Did you know that Europe has the highest number of youths living with Type 1 diabetes?

59 million people – this is a number equaling the whole population of some countries. But for Europe, this figure represents the number of adults living with diabetes. Additionally, according to the IDF Diabetes Atlas 2021, Europe also has the highest number of youths having Type 1 diabetes. Such is the reality of diabetes prevalence in Europe.

Fortunately, as a result of modern medical achievements, the region’s developed economies, and a unified endeavor to increase awareness of the disease, people pre-dispositioned to contract diabetes can detect the symptoms early. The ease of access to healthcare in Europe has also facilitated the ease of managing diabetes.

Diabetes Education

The first step to healthy living with diabetes is knowledge of the chronic condition. The next step is learning about how to adopt a healthy lifestyle to aid diabetes therapy. Let us share with you some tips for this journey to healthy living.

Learn about Diabetes: https://www.foracare.ch/patient-education-on-diabetes/
Healthy living with diabetes: https://www.foracare.ch/healthy-living-with-diabetes/

Clinically-Validated Accuracy

The reality for Type 1 diabetics is the mandatory daily blood glucose measurements to control their insulin. Thus, it is imperative to ensure that every blood glucose measurement is accurate.

To simplify the measurement process and ensure accurate readings every time, ForaCare’s Diamond IST series diabetes management solutions are specifically designed to emphasize ease-of-use and accuracy.

Featuring the Diamond GD50: this ergonomic device supports remote healthcare via Telehealth and straightforward operation to make self-measurement as easy as possible.

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