Role of Keto Diet in Anti-aging

Role of Keto Diet in Anti-aging

So, what is a keto diet?

In recent times a diet plan is particularly gaining popularity, the ketogenic diet. It is a diet plan which focuses on the consumption of more fats and less and fewer carbohydrates. The idea is to shift the energy-producing machinery of our body to a state of fat dependence rather than carbohydrates. This diet plan uses high-fat foods such as avocado, meat, and nuts.

How keto diet helps in anti-aging?

To answer this question, let us first compare the differences between the ketogenic diet and a regular diet. Normally the glucose present in our blood happens to be the primary source of energy for almost every cell. This is because glucose is much more easily converted by mitochondria into energy. But this choice of quickness has some negative effects. What usually happens is that during the process of catabolism of glucose, more quantities of freed radicals are produced as compared to using ketones or fat.

These free radicals or reactive oxygen species damage us in many ways and this damage accelerates the overall process of aging. The ketogenic diet not only produces energy much more efficiently, but also inhibits the production of these free radicals and reactive oxygen species. Another benefit that is associated with the consumption of the ketogenic diet is that it optimizes body weight. This provides compounded benefits to the body that are beneficial for longevity.

Several studies have been done in this regard to correctly assess the role of the keto diet in anti-aging. One such study was published in the CELL METABOLISM JOURNAL which says that long-term consumption of the keto diet helps to reduce midlife mortality. In another study published in the same journal, it was concluded that the keto diet not only helps to prolong longevity but also improves motor function, memory, and muscle mass. A thing to be noted here is that both studies were done on animals. Several researchers claim that the studies conducted on animals are highly suggestive that the keto diet has anti-aging properties.

Case Study: Role of Keto Diet in Anti-aging

Professor Lilianne R. Mujica-Parodi in a 2020 study conducted at Stony Brook University also claimed that any diet that is low in carbohydrates serves to prevent age-related brain problems. She also said that we may be able to reverse these age-related issues by swapping a diet that is high in carbohydrates for a diet that is low in carbohydrates and produces more ketone bodies as a means for neuronal energy production.

The key question is, “By which mechanism the keto diet helps us to achieve these anti-aging results?”. And to answer that we approached EMMA Pyke, a specialist in Nutrition, Fitness, and exercise and also the founder of Fit shape. She said that “Keto diets play an important role in reducing amyloid plaques and can also reverse their neurotoxicity, resulting in increased memory.”


With all the above scientific facts, there is no doubt that the keto diet offers positive, healthy benefits. However, there is a lot of research that should be done to properly explore the benefits of the keto diet in anti-aging.

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