Potential of Cellular Telehealth Solutions

Potential of Cellular Telehealth Solutions

Potential of Cellular Telehealth Solutions

With the estimated coverage of 3G/4G to reach 95% by 2026, remote patient monitoring telehealth solutions will have the ability to reach out to under-served markets and populations. In addition, Telehealth solutions will have the potential of delivering $70 billion to $120 billion in annual value globally.

The results are a potential of 20% of all healthcare delivery being virtualized (Bestsenny et al., 2021). Therefore, the question has changed from “when” to “how” can governments and healthcare providers adopt telehealth solutions into their healthcare delivery system.

A ForaCare Telehealth Case Study

Telehealth Case StudyRemote monitoring of key health metrics is an important function as rates of chronic disease increase and health plans and doctors seek new ways to stop disease progression.

Studies have shown significantly lower HbA1c levels at six months (-0.99, P = 0.024) in Telehealth-assisted case management. These results correlate with various benefits:
– 14% decrease in heart attacks
– 21% reduction in diabetes-related deaths
– 37% decrease in microvascular complications

ForaCare Cellular Solutions

ForaCare’s innovative telehealth solutions are design to bridge barriers of outpatient appointments. This is done through a comprehensive chronic disease management platform for healthcare providers and patients to communicate. The platform effectively increases the convenience, efficiency and effectiveness of the way healthcare is delivered and received.

Moreover, after taking measurements with FORA healthcare devices, patients can upload the data instantly to our secure cloud system. Patients, family, and primary healthcare professionals can easily review the data from any location. Above all, healthcare professionals can then efficiently respond to the patient and manage their conditions.
– Diabetes Care
– Cardiovascular Diseases
– Congestive Heart Failure
– Hypertension

In conclusion, the above illustrates the potential of cellular telehealth solutions, and how ForaCare’s solutions can contribute to better and more accessible healthcare.

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