The Safest Way to Measure Temperature

FORA® Autonomous Temperature Measuring Station

The Safest Way to Measure Temperature

  • NON-CONTACT (5 – 7 CM distance)
  • Results in a short time (only 1 second)
  • Advanced Software
  • Temperature Alarm
Features and Benefits

Autonomous Temperature Measuring Station measures people’s temperatures upon approach, reducing the possibility of cross-infection. It is ideally used in places with a large flow of people, including hospitals, schools, and corporations.

Monitoring your body temperature is crucial during this period.

Social Distancing is recommended to prevent COVID-19 spread. However, if meeting people is a must, make sure your body temperature is within the normal range (< 37.5ºC).

​FORA ATMS System built-in a Temperature Alarm function alerts people with high temperatures on spot (the temperature alarm range can be adjusted).

Avoids cross-infection risk and reduce human resource cost
System Components

The FORA Autonomous Temperature Measuring Station includes three components: a FORA IR41 non-contact forehead thermometer that uses infrared sensors to take measurements, an iPad with a customized software displaying the measured temperature, and a medical-grade wheeled station to provide easy mobility of the system.


  • 10.2-inch screen
  • Wi-Fi, 32 GB
  • FORA Temperature Monitor Software
  • Data uploaded to a cloud system


Professional Forehead Thermometer

  • Advanced Infrared Technology – accurate and precise
  • Clinically validated with ±0.2ºC accuracy
  • Bluetooth (BLE) Connectivity
  • LED backlight display with large digits

Medical Grade Wheeled Station

  • Tablet holder, compatible for 9.7 – 10.2 inch iPad
  • Adjustable tube with a thermometer holder
  • Robust and stable wheels
  • All components meet medical-grade requirements
  • Basket & plate accessories
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