ForaCare Suisse AG Launches “Lab in the Pocket” Technology

Innovative FORA 6 GTel Capability Provides 6 Tests with Single Device, SIM Direct-to-Telehealth Connectivity

ST. GALLEN, Switzerland, December 4, 2019 /PRNewswire — ForaCare Suisse AG announced the launch of its FORA 6 GTel multi-functional monitoring device with its new “Lab in the Pocket” technology (available on the GTel model and FORA 6 Series products). The company also offers a FORA Telehealth System, which provides users with access to their telehealth system.

The innovative 6-in-1 monitoring technology provides seamless 3G/4G data transmission of six key health parameters via a single device: Blood Glucose (BG), Hematocrit (HCT), Hemoglobin (HB), β-ketone (KB), Total Cholesterol (TCH) and Uric Acid (UA) levels.

The Fora Telehealth System consolidates all of ForaCare’s Telehealth-enabled products and solutions, including BT/cellular meters and iFORA Apps, into a central Telehealth System for improved healthcare management.

“ForaCare is pleased to provide such simple, yet eloquent innovation to the healthcare marketplace. Given the importance of key health parameters to healthcare providers, we sought a solution to deliver them in a simple and timely manner. We developed this technology with patients and providers and their needs in mind,” said Ty-Minh Tan, CEO of ForaCare Suisse AG. “We believe the FORA 6 GTel and the new Fora Connect mini-website provide are important tools that help improve the lives of patients.”

The new FORA 6 GTel provides automatic upload of tests via a built-in SIM card and transmits the data directly to a Telehealth System and healthcare providers, eliminating the need to use a smartphone, and providing fast and simple data transfer for better patient monitoring by medical professionals.

In addition, the device itself features real-time messaging for two-way communications between patients and their healthcare provider, and an easy-to-use UI design color touch screen. It includes other features to encourage patient compliance and peace of mind such as audible voice guidance available in English, French and Spanish, as many as 10 different reminders from provider to patient, and a service button for patients to request assistance from their provider. With its patented Gold Test strips, the Fora 6 Series devices provide the highest precision and accuracy available.

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About FORA® devices:

All ForaCare blood glucose monitoring devices fulfill the latest ISO requirements (EN ISO 15197:2015). FORA blood pressure monitoring devices complies with the revised international protocol of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH-IP2) and demonstrates the highest accuracy and reliability.

Constantly innovating and creating new products to improve the health of thousands of patients, ForaCare Suisse offers a wide variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices for Telehealth, with bridges to patients, hospitals and doctors. It provides SIM solutions for any diabetic patients who can Test Simply and Live Better with ForaCare Suisse products.