Heart Health in Romania

Heart Health in Romania

Heart Health in Romania

Cardiovascular disease is impacting Romania’s demographic landscape. Heart health in Romania is on a decline.

Recent study shown that Romania’s population had a hypertension prevalence rate of more than 53% (Pop et al, 2020). And a separate study observed that cardiovascular diseases account for 57% of mortality among Romanians (Bujor et al, 2021).

However, fortunately the disease burden can be reduced through adopting healthier lifestyles, expanding access to primary care, and improving adherence to disease monitoring and management. These efforts would contribute to a possible reduction of 39% over the next two decades.

Innovative Self-Monitoring

Introducing the world’s first hybrid blood pressure management device for professional and home-use – The FORA Active P30 Plus.
This innovative device offers both Auscultatory and Oscillometric measurements for versatility, and Cardiovascular-disease detecting technologies such as Irregular Rapid Heart Beat (IRB).

In addition to the clinically-validated accuracy and reliability, the FORA Active P30 Plus is Telehealth-enabled, empowering remote healthcare delivery between professionals and home users.

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