ForaCare’s Latest Technology: Automated Averaging (AVG) Technology

AVG Technology

Let’s explore why Automated Averaging (AVG) Technology is important. Since high blood pressure has become a common health concern, people are more at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). Family history, lack of physical activity, unhealthy dietary habits (a diet high in salt), and high cholesterol are some risk factors contributing to hypertension. Measuring and recording your blood pressure on a regular basis can help you keep a record of any changes in your blood pressure.

Taking white-coat hypertension and masked hypertension into account, ForaCare has introduced blood pressure monitoring systems with innovative technologies to help both patients and doctors accurately assess blood pressure. One such technology used in blood pressure monitoring devices is Automated Averaging (AVG) technology. Let’s have a detailed look at how AVG works.

What Is Automated Averaging (AVG) Technology?

The Automated Averaging (AVG) technology automatically averages three measurements to accurately analyze blood pressure levels. The AVG technology has been introduced in ForaCare devices, such as P30 plus, to provide accurate test results. This helps patients record changes in their blood pressure to prevent complications, such as stroke or heart failure.

The blood pressure monitoring line of ForaCare has been designed with advanced technologies to educate patients about self-manage their blood pressure.

How Does The AVG Technology Work?

The AVG technology takes three consecutive measurements of your blood pressure within three minutes. The device then conducts a detailed examination of charted blood pressure readings. After which, the device then averages the readings to provide reliable and accurate average test results.

The AVG technology conducts these three measurements with a time interval of 20 seconds (resting time) and averages them together after the 2nd and 3rd measurements. If the systolic blood pressure is more than 15 mmHg for the first and second measurements, the time interval between the measurements will be 40 seconds.

When patients use a ForaCare’s blood pressure monitoring device at home, they can be confident that their blood pressure readings are accurate and reliable.

How Is AVG Technology Relevant To Blood Pressure?

It is relatively common that your blood pressure keeps fluctuating in different situations throughout the day. For example, a patient may experience fluctuations in their blood pressure levels at their doctor’s office. This is known as white coat hypertension. Interestingly, it is named white coat hypertension because doctors while checking your blood pressure, usually wear white coats.

Since white coat hypertension is not a serious condition, this phenomenon gives false readings on the blood pressure monitoring device. This is where Automated Averaging (AVG) technology enters. The built-in advanced AVG technology prevents false readings of your blood pressure with high precisions.

Why Take Three Measurements?

As mentioned above, fluctuations in your blood pressure during different situations can make it difficult for the monitoring device to chart your blood pressure correctly. Only one reading of blood pressure can give false results due to medical errors. The AVG technology in ForaCare’s blood pressure monitoring efficiently and effectively overcomes white coat hypertension.

Healthcare professionals always recommend patients take at least two readings of their blood pressure and average them to achieve accurate results. And now, you are able to achieve it with just a click of a button.

What Are The Benefits Of The AVG Technology?

Thanks to the advancements in technology, it is now easier for us to track our blood pressure without any medical error. ForaCare’s blood pressure measuring devices have been clinically-validated by for their accuracy. The built-in AVG technology in blood pressure monitoring systems offers the following benefits:
– It conducts detailed analysis and careful measurements to provide accurate results of your blood pressure readings
– No need to worry about false readings resulting from white coat hypertension
– Reduced interference, such as movement, during measurements.
– You can achieve the most reliable and accurate test results within just three minutes
– Enjoy better control of your blood pressure

The Bottom Line:

In this remote world, every person is looking for innovation in terms of their health. ForaCare has introduced blood pressure monitoring devices with built-in AVG technology to track your blood pressure accurately. This innovative technology provides the highest accuracy by taking the average of three measurements. Now, you can take preventive actions against complications of hypertension by tracking your blood pressure as early as possible.

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