ForaCare: Collaboration with Glooko

Collaboration with Glooko

At ForaCare, we are constantly innovating to improve the comprehensiveness of diabetes management. One key aspect is to improve the capacity and accessibility of Telehealth and remote patient monitoring. Therefore, we believe that diabetes self-management should be as easy as possible. That’s why we are really excited that our ForaCare devices are compatible with Glooko®.

Glooko®, is a powerful remote patient management service provider, improves care through collaboration and innovation. Our collaboration allows end-users already onboard with Glooko to utilize our solutions and manage their readings within the Glooko® Mobile App. Existing users of Glooko® will have more flexibility to switch between diabetes management devices. New users will also have more options of management apps to choose from.

Glooko® allows patients with diabetes to sync their ForaCare device(s) and analyze their blood glucose data alongside the data from their other Glooko compatible devices such as insulin, health monitoring and fitness devices. A variety of reports can also be accessed via the Glooko® Mobile App or Glooko® Web App and securely shared with healthcare teams.

We believe the partnership with Glooko® will build a comprehensive ecosystem so that everyone can achieve smarter healthcare and be #bettertogether.

About FORA Telehealth Solutions

ForaCare’s innovative Telehealth solutions provide a comprehensive chronic disease management platform for providers and patients to communicate, bridging the barriers of outpatient appointments. Therefore increasing the convenience, efficiency and effectiveness of the way healthcare is delivered and received.

After taking measurements with FORA’s healthcare devices at home, patients can upload the data instantly to our secure cloud system. Patients can also then share this information with family and Primary healthcare providers. These healthcare professionals can then easily analyze the data from any location and efficiently respond to the patient.
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About Glooko

Glooko improves health outcomes of people with chronic conditions through its personalized, intelligent, connected care platform.

Glooko’s proven technologies make lives better by revolutionizing the connection between patients and providers, driving patient engagement and adherence via digital therapeutics, and accelerating the speed of clinical trials.

Glooko is globally deployed in over 30 countries and 8,000+ clinical locations.
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