FORA Telehealth – Redefining Chronic Disease Management

FORA Telehealth

What Is Telehealth?

Imagine the convenience of having professional healthcare in the comfort of your own home without having to make the trip to your doctor’s. That’s the key gist of the FORA Telehealth System.
Telehealth is reshaping how healthcare is delivered by shifting professional healthcare from facility to home. This shift is redefining chronic disease management.

Rising Adoption of Telehealth

Telehealth has been available for many years. However, as most chronic disease patients preferred physical assessments with their healthcare providers, Telehealth adoption rate was low. This changed during the Covid-19 pandemic. The restrictions of the pandemic introduced new barriers to physical appointments, thus patient utilization of Telehealth truly started gaining traction.

FORA Telehealth Solutions

ForaCare’s innovative Telehealth solutions provide a comprehensive chronic disease management platform for providers and patients to communicate, bridging the barriers of outpatient appointments. Therefore increasing the convenience, efficiency and effectiveness of the way healthcare is delivered and received. After taking measurements with FORA’s healthcare devices at home, patients can upload the data instantly to our secure cloud system. Patients, family, and primary healthcare professionals can easily then analyze the data from any location and efficiently respond to the patient.

FORA Telehealth Features

Telehealth for ProfessionalsFor Professionals
The FORA Telehealth system helps professionals to bridge the gap between their patients. Designed with caregivers in mind, the Telehealth system makes it easy to monitor patients’ health condition by summarizing parameters including blood glucose, blood pressure, temperature, weight, and SpO2.

Telehealth for PatientsFor Patients
The patients’ interface was designed as a health management tool for users. The web-based platform allows patients’ data to be accessed via any device connected to the internet. Conveniently track your measurement results and trends, and ask your caregivers for health tips and treatment via live chat.

Consistent Self-Management

Diabetes management is about comprehensive and consistency. It is also important to consistently monitor one’s diabetes treatment progress, so that your healthcare professionals can provide advise.
FORA 6-connect-black-sq
ForaCare offers the FORA 6 – the only glucometer with multiparameter functionality ideal for diabetes management.
The FORA 6 offers clinically-validated accuracy, capacity to measure multiple parameters for comprehensive treatment, and Bluetooth connectivity to iFORA app.

Learn about the Telehealth-enabled FORA 6