FORA G40: A User-Friendly Glucometer With Advanced Technologies


If you’re a diabetic patient, you probably know that monitoring your blood glucose levels is as important as taking diabetes medication. But what is the benefit of tracking your blood glucose? Regular blood glucose monitoring tracks changes in blood sugar patterns in response to medication, exercise, and diet. Moreover, analyzing your blood glucose helps your doctor create a strategic plan to manage diabetes.

ForaCare introduces the FORA G40 blood glucose monitoring system. This sleek device is known for its accuracy, innovation, and clinical validation, according to ISO 15197, helping many patients live healthier lives. Keep reading to learn more about this solution.

What Is FORA G40?

The FORA G40 is an innovative, portable, and most importantly accurate blood glucose monitoring system that helps you achieve better outcomes regarding diabetes self-management. Empowered with three of the most advanced technologies (ASSI, GDH-FAD, and AST), the FORA G40 captures highly accurate readings of blood glucose levels, thus keeping your diabetes in check.

The FORA G40 blood glucose monitor is easy-to-use and has been clinically validated according to the guidelines and requirements issued by ISO 15197. This solution offers a coding-free, smooth testing experience for patients to monitor changes in their blood glucose levels. It helps users to better understand how they’re affected by medication and food.

Three Advanced Technologies Introduced One

The three most advanced and outstanding technologies which make the FORA G40 an intuitive and accurate device include:

1. Advanced Superior Sip-In (ASSI Technology):
The ASSI technology in the FORA G40 blood glucose meter enhances the ease and speed of blood absorption by test strips. This technology enables blood absorption in just seven seconds, thus improving test precision and overall testing experience.

2. GDH-FAD technology:
The GDH-FAD technology is known to provide accurate readings of blood glucose test results. The technology makes use of the GDH-FAD enzyme in the test strips of the FORA G40 to eliminate interfering factors, such as oxygen variation and non-glucose molecules.

3. Alternative Site Testing Technology.
The introduction of the AST technology in FORA G40 strips makes it easy for patients to obtain the blood sample from the alternative sites to the fingertips (e.g. forearm, upper arm, palm)

Other Features & Benefits of FORA G40

The following are some features installed in the FORA G40 device which make it a perfect monitoring system:

– A large display to support easy viewing
– Tiny blood volume (0.7 μL) is required, resulting in painless blood sampling
– Safe strip ejection to reduce the risk of cross-infection.
– Four reminder alarms to schedule the time of blood glucose testing.
– 450 reading memory capacity.
– Ketone warning, which is enabled when glucose levels rise above 240 mg/dL.
– Better testing experience with the ASSI technology, which provides test results within seven seconds.


The FORA G40 is a simple yet accurate blood glucose meter specifically designed to accurately deliver blood glucose readings. Packed with ForaCare’s advanced technology and quality-of-life features, this solution provides accurate results and improves the testing experience of its users. Visit our page to find more information about this solution.

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