FORA G20: Key Features and Benefits


Maintaining your blood glucose level is crucial for avoiding diabetes-related health complications and reducing the risk of unpleasant symptoms. Regular blood glucose monitoring provides important information on food and medications affecting your diabetes. The usage of self-testing blood glucose monitors allow you to track your progress and keep your blood sugar in a healthy range.

The FORA G20 is the result of ForaCare’s continuous efforts to introduce an easy-to-use blood glucose monitoring system for self-monitoring, empowering diabetic patients to track their blood glucose with ease. This user-friendly blood glucose monitor is the addition you need for your diabetes self-management plan because of its highly precise and accurate results!

What Is FORA G20

The FORA G20 is an advanced blood glucose monitoring device that performs a fast analysis of your blood sugar to provide accurate blood glucose readings. This feature-packed blood glucose monitor with a large display is user-friendly and aimed at delivering high-quality self-management of diabetes. The FORA G20 provides test reading results with strict accuracy and precision, thus offering great comfort to patients throughout their diabetes journey.

The FORA G20 is empowered with our Advanced Superior Sip-In (ASSI) technology that improves test accuracy and overall testing experience by facilitating easy blood absorption and improving the absorption speed. This way, the ASSI technology enables more precise and quicker results of blood glucose readings in just seconds.

Features and Benefits Of The FORA G20

Let’s have a look at the features in the FORA G20 and how they can benefit you:

1. Quick Results.
The built-in ASSI technology enables blood absorption by test strips in less than a second, and produces accurate results in just seven seconds.

2. Tiny Sample Volume.
Blood glucose monitoring with the FORA G20 is easy because it requires a small blood volume (0.7μL), resulting in less discomfort and pain.

3. Alternative Site Testing.
Diabetic patients frequently use their fingertips to draw blood for each test. This leads to the development of scar tissue, due to which patients can’t get enough blood. The FORA G20 provides accurate testing results even when drawing blood from alternate sites (palm, forearm, thighs, and upper arm).

4. Universal Tone.
The FORA G20 converts the glucose measurement results into sound signals, thus enabling patients to hear their results. This is specifically beneficial for patients with visual deficiency.

5. Ketone Warning.
The FORA G20 will keep alerting you about abnormal ketone levels whenever your blood glucose levels rise above 240 mg/dL.

6. Safe Strip Ejection.
The safe strip ejection design of the FORA G20 blood glucose monitor reduces the risk of cross-infection by removing test strips without touching them.

7. Reminder Alarms.
You can set four reminder alarms, which will remind you of the time for testing your blood glucose levels.


The FORA G20 blood glucose monitor has become the easiest way of monitoring your blood glucose with the highest standards possible. With its built-in ASSI technology, large display, universal tone, and safe strip ejection design, self-management of diabetes has never been so easy. Visit our page to find more information about this solution.

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