FORA Diamond VOICE: An Incredible Voice-Guided Blood Glucose Meter


Diabetes is a chronic condition that makes you susceptible to many life-threatening health complications. In many cases, diabetic patients experience many eye conditions, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts, and even vision loss. For controlling diabetes, regular monitoring of blood glucose should be a part of the patient’s daily routine. But how can patients monitor their own blood sugar when there are sight limitations?

To take control of your health and be independent in self-management, ForaCare has introduced the Diamond VOICE (DM20) blood glucose monitoring systems. The Diamond VOICE offers a built-in voice feature that guides users throughout the blood glucose measurement process. This empowers users with a screen-free diabetes management.

What Is FORA Diamond VOICE

The FORA Diamond VOICE (DM20) is a talking glucose monitoring system that offers a crisp voice reading function for visually impaired diabetes patients. By providing accurate information easily and quickly, Diamond VOICE supports screen-free diabetes management. Now, you can easily hear your blood glucose measurement with the help of 75 decibels; audible simulated human voice installed in Diamond VOICE.

Compared to traditional blood glucose monitors, the FORA Diamond VOICE utilizes our Intuitive Sensing Technology (IST) and Advanced Superior Sip-In (ASSI) technology to improve the accuracy of blood glucose readings and improve blood absorption by test strips. To help you with easier viewing, the Diamond VOICE empowers adjustable brightness and contrast with its large backlit screen and a convex lens. The device has been clinically validated by ISO 15197 for both at-home and professional use.

Key Features Installed in Diamond VOICE:

The FORA Diamond VOICE has the following features built into it:

– Large display for easier viewing
– 75 decibels, clear and crisp audible human voice to easily hear test results
– Micro USB connectivity to connect your blood glucose meter to the computer
– A safer strip ejection design
– A memory capacity of 450 tests
– GDH-FAD test strips for high precision and accuracy.
– Four alarm settings

Benefits Offered by The FORA Diamond VOICE:

In addition to built-in features, the FORA Diamond VOICE, ideal for visually impaired and elderly people, offers the following benefits:

1. GDH-FAD Strip Chemistry.
The test strips of Diamond VOICE use the GDH-FAD enzyme to provide accurate measurements by reducing the effect of interference caused by non-glucose molecules (galactose, maltose) and oxygen.

2. Portability.
You can take the glucose meter anywhere and anytime you want because of its compact design ideal for your modern lifestyle.

3. Ketone Warning.
This glucose meter is also designed to warn you about abnormal ketone levels at a glance. The device will alert you every time your blood glucose rises above 240.

4. No Test Strip Coding.
The FORA Diamond VOICE set helps you better manage your diabetes by offering smooth, code-free testing. Furthermore, only a tiny amount of blood is required to record the measurements.

5. Talking Guidance.
Now you don’t have to look at the screen to check your blood glucose measurements. The device empowers an audible human voice that guides you throughout the whole process of blood glucose monitoring.


Diabetes management has never been easier since the introduction of the Diamond series to ForaCare’s products. Our Diamond VOICE set is ideal for diabetes patients with limited sight and offers an audible guidance feature by the simulated human voice. Don’t forget to visit our website for more information.

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