FORA Diamond PRIMA: An Overview of Its Features & Benefits


If you’re living with diabetes, it is essential to regularly test your blood glucose levels. Monitoring blood glucose provides useful information about how stress, medications, food, and exercise influence your blood sugar. If you want to track any fluctuations in your blood sugar, you should choose an accurate and reliable glucose meter to keep your blood sugar in a healthy range.

With the evolution of diabetes technology, ForaCare has developed the FORA Diamond series, a complete range of unique devices. Among the solutions is the FORA Diamond PRIMA, a perfect monitoring solution for your blood glucose levels with a sleek and modern design, and the accuracy you need.

What Is FORA Diamond PRIMA

Diamond PRIMA (DM10) is a user-friendly yet highly reliable glucose monitoring system that ForaCare has perfectly designed to fit your lifestyle. The streamlined and sophisticated design of DM10 makes it a perfect addition to your modern lifestyle so that you can always be aware of your blood glucose and make better decisions regarding diabetes management.

The Diamond PRIMA monitoring system has been designed with built-in Intuitive Sensing Technology (IST), which provides extremely accurate (clinically-validated) results without any errors by using a signal-processing algorithm. The IST technology works by sending signals to the test strip and maximizing interaction between plasma and blood. The IST technology is clinically validated according to ISO 15197.

Key Features and Benefits:

The Diamond PRIMA is innovatively for use at home as well as in medical facilities. The following are the features and benefits of the Diamond PRIMA that make it an excellent choice for diabetes patients:

1. Fast, Reliable, and Accurate Test Results.
Thanks to the introduction of GDH-FAD enzyme strips that ensure high accuracy by reducing the effect of oxygen variation and other molecules like galactose and maltose.

2. Universal Tone.
The solution features a universal tone to convert glucose test results into sound signals. This feature can benefit patients with eye defects.

3. The ASSI Technology.
Besides improving test accuracy and overall testing experience, the ASSI (Advanced Superior Sip-In) technology helps speedy blood absorption by strips.

4. You Can Download Glucose Results On Your Computer.
The Micro USB connectivity features in DM10 can help you download all test measurements on your computer. All you have to do is plug the USB into the USB port of your computer.

5. Ketone Warning.
The Diamond PRIMA monitoring system also reports abnormal ketone levels, which could lead to diabetic coma.

Other benefits of Diamond PRIMA include:
– LCD backlighting to ensure better visibility of test results.
– Safe strip ejection to minimize the risk of cross-infection.
– 450 memories of results
– Tiny blood sample volume required


Your blood glucose readings are highly crucial in determining your condition and the type of treatment. At ForaCare, the Diamond PRIMA is a new addition to the Diamond series to report blood glucose levels with high precision and accuracy. This incredible device uses built-in IST technology to detect errors and produce accurate results. Now, you can manage your diabetes better and improve your overall well-being with ForaCare’s Diamond series.

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