FORA Diamond MINI: An Innovative Compact Blood Glucose Meter


If you’re living with diabetes, you probably know how important it is to maintain your blood glucose levels. Periodically monitoring blood sugar is essential for managing diabetes. Now, you can test your blood glucose levels throughout the day at home using a glucose monitor – thanks to technological advancements.

ForaCare has introduced the Diamond series of glucose monitors to help you self-monitor your blood glucose. The Diamond MINI (DM30) is a BRAND-NEW edition to the Diamond series specifically designed to provide an accurate glucose reading on the go.

Let’s look at FORA Diamond MINI’s features and how it makes measuring blood sugar easy and convenient.

What Is FORA Diamond MINI (DM30)

FORA Diamond MINI is a glucose monitoring system in the Diamond series that produces blood glucose readings to help you manage your blood glucose levels. This incredible glucose meter uses Intuitive Sensitive Technology (IST) to ensure the accuracy of glucose test measurements.

ForaCare’s Diamond MINI has been clinically validated according to the EN ISO 15197:201, the guidelines providing the accuracy assessment and acceptable performance of ForaCare’s glucose monitors. The best thing about FORA Diamond MINI is that you can take it anywhere you want to self-monitor your glucose levels.

How Does The IST Technology In Diamond MINI Work?

The patented Intuitive Sensitive Technology (IST) featured in FORA Diamond MINI provides error-free glucose test results by sending electronic signals to the test strip and polarizing red blood cells (RBCs) from the plasma. This creates a neutral environment with no hematocrit interference, resulting in no common errors. Diabetes management has never been this smart!

Key Features:

The following are the key features installed in Diamond MINI:

1. LCD Backlight:
The LCD backlight feature, along with the numerical display, lets you know whether your blood glucose results are in range or not. The bright backlighting provides easy reading of the results even in dark environments.

2. Bluetooth 4.0 Or USB Connectivity (a/b):
This feature helps you view test results on the computer by transferring data to the Healthcare Software System using a USB cable (DM30a). Bluetooth connectivity (DM30b) is used to transfer data to the iFORA BG application.

3. GDH-FAD Strips:
Using the built-in IST technology, these test strips offer accurate measurements of your glucose levels at wide hematocrit ranges (20-60%).

4. Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery:
The Li-polymer battery in the Diamond MINI glucose meter is rechargeable and takes almost 2 hours to charge fully.

Key Benefits:

Now you can take control of your health by availing the following benefits offered by the FORA Diamond MINI:

– Only a tiny amount of blood is required (0.5μL) to monitor blood glucose with less pain.
– Accurate and quick test results are provided in just 5 seconds.
– Built-in IST technology to eliminate errors.
– Coding-free testing
– 450 measurements memory with date and time


At ForaCare, you can get the clinically-validated Diamond MINI to monitor your blood glucose levels anywhere you travel. With a compact design, IST technology, Bluetooth connectivity, no coding, and GDH-FAD test strips, you can get highly accurate and quick results to meet your glucose goals and better manage your diabetes.

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