Diabetes Prevalence, Detection and Prevention in MENA 2021

Diabetes Prevalence in MENA

Diabetes Prevalence in MENA

Did you know that nearly half of diabetic patients in the MENA region go undiagnosed?

According to the IDF Diabetes Atlas 2021, the diabetes prevalence estimate for the MENA region is 12.8%. Moreover, the proportion of undiagnosed diabetes is 45%.

In addition, it is estimated that the number of diabetic patients will increase by 86% by 2045. This increase is the highest among all IDF regions.

Although the local governments have been increasing spending on healthcare, this is not enough. People need to make fundamental changes to lifestyles and eating habits in order to reduce diabetes risk. This can only be achieved through increased education about diabetes.

Diabetes Education

The first step to healthy living with diabetes is knowledge of the chronic condition. The next step is learning about how to adopt a healthy lifestyle to aid diabetes therapy. Let us share with you some tips for this journey to healthy living.

Learn about Diabetes: https://www.foracare.ch/patient-education-on-diabetes/
Healthy living with diabetes: https://www.foracare.ch/healthy-living-with-diabetes/

Clinically-Validated Accuracy

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