Benefits of yoga in managing hypertension

Benefits of Yoga

High blood pressure—otherwise known as hypertension—is among the most common health conditions in the world, affecting over 1.1 billion cases worldwide. The trickiest part about managing hypertension is that most hypertension patients do not present symptoms until a severe stage is reached.

Therefore it is important to make healthier lifestyle decisions. This includes increasing your physical activity to promote better blood pressure. That’s where yoga can contribute to your health.

Benefits of yoga in managing your blood pressure

Numerous studies have shown the benefits that yoga can have on hypertension. One study showed that the use of yoga in complement to ongoing hypertension treatment had a significant reduction in their blood pressure as compared to those who did not.

In a separate study, it was observed that yoga may have a positive impact on improving the flexibility of blood vessels. The increased flexibility of blood vessels alleviated arterial stiffness in hypertension patients. This results in less pressure required for blood to flow throughout the body, and ultimately improves blood pressure.

However, it is noted that certain yoga poses should be avoided. One of such poses are inversions, as they cause gravity to increase the blood pressure in the body.


Yoga has been observed through multiple studies to contribute to better blood pressure and reduced hypertension risk. However, it is still important to get a healthcare professional’s opinion before practicing yoga.

Self-monitoring is the most important key to understanding the effectiveness of your healthcare regime. It is important to use clinically-validated solutions to self-monitor your progress.

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