An Overview of ForaCare Technology for Accurate Blood Pressure Monitoring

ForaCare Technology

Self-monitoring of blood pressure is important for patients and healthcare providers to determine whether the treatment is working or not. Hypertensive patients should always track their blood pressure at home to monitor any fluctuation in their blood pressure to prevent further complications. Monitoring your blood pressure at the doctor’s office is not sufficient. It is important for patients to perform home measurements of their blood pressure. This will help medical professionals evaluate patients’ blood pressure and their response to medication.
ForaCare has introduced a wide range of blood pressure monitoring devices, including P30 Plus, P30 Plus BT, P80, and D40 series. All these devices efficiently monitor blood pressure – thanks to the advanced technologies introduced in these devices. This article discusses three technologies introduced in ForaCare’s blood pressure monitoring systems. First, let’s discuss how you can measure your blood pressure with a ForaCare’s blood pressure device.

Measuring Your Blood Pressure:

This section involves self-testing your blood pressure with a blood pressure monitoring device. It is important to lie or sit down at least 10 minutes before measuring your blood pressure. If your body is stressed or you’re feeling anxious, do not measure your blood pressure. Moreover, doctors recommend avoiding caffeine, tea, or tobacco before measuring your blood pressure.
The following are some easy steps to measure your blood pressure at home so that you can share your blood pressure readings with your doctor:

– The first step involves fitting the cuff to fit the circumference of your upper arm. The right way to accurately fit your cuff is to stretch your left arm first with the palm facing up.
– Wrap the cuff above your elbow and tighten it. It is important to check that there should be a little free space of at least two fingers between your arm and the cuff.
– Sit down, place your elbow on a flat surface, and make sure the cuff and the location of your heart share the same height. This is important because any difference of 15 cm in height results in a higher blood pressure value (lower than the actual value).
– By pressing the “power” button on ForaCare’s blood pressure monitoring device, the cuff will start to inflate automatically.
– Once your blood pressure has been measured, the device will display your systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and heart rhythm as well.
Let’s take a look at how built-in technologies (Smart Pumping Technology, Smart Re-Pumping Technology, and Automated Morning & Evening BP Averaging Function) in ForaCare devices play a role in all this.

What Is Smart Pumping Technology (SPT)?

Smart Pumping Technology (SPT) is an innovative technology introduced in ForaCare blood pressure monitoring devices. This technology works to automatically measure a patient’s blood pressure during inflation. Smart Pumping Technology efficiently provides a more comfortable blood pressure measuring experience to the patient by automatically controlling the inflation rate and identifying patient-specific inflation pressures.
Smart Pumping Technology comes with an advanced algorithm, which works by automatic pumping to proper blood pressure during inflation. This has given a comfortable feeling to patients by making blood pressure monitoring more accurate and fast.
Compared to conventional deflation methods, Smart Pumping Technology measures inflation pressure in a shorter time. With SPT, the target inflation pressure is also lower. This advanced technology inflates the cuff slowly to a target inflation pressure and completes measurement in a much shorter time. Only Foraare’s D40 series has been designed with built-in Smart Pumping Technology.
To guarantee the highest standards of ForaCare’s blood pressure monitors, Smart Pumping Technology makes inflation run slowly and smoothly. This technology provides a new level of comfort with its gentle inflation process.
To summarize, Smart Pumping Technology (SPT):
– Automatically measures your pressure during inflation.
– Completes measurements in a shorter time without putting unnecessary pressure on the patient.
– Inflates the cuff slowly to a target inflation pressure.
– Provides speedy and accurate measurement, giving both patients and caregivers less stress.

What Is Smart Re-Pumping Technology?

To avoid any discomfort associated with blood pressure measurement, ForaCare blood pressure monitoring systems have been designed with built-in Smart Re-Pumping Technology, which works by re-pumping air into the cuff in an automatic way. This new technology re-inflates the cuff in the following cases:
– Insufficient inflation pressure in the cuff
– Maximum pressurization limit of 280 mmHg
– Moving artefact during blood pressure measurement
This innovative re-pumping technology makes the whole blood pressure monitoring process stress-free and comfortable. Smart Re-Pumping Technology re-pumps air into the cuff only three times. After three attempts, the blood pressure monitoring device will automatically turn off. A patient has to wait for five to ten minutes to achieve an accurate measurement for taking another measurement.

What Is Automated Morning and Evening BP Averaging Technology?

This advanced technology has been introduced in ForaCare blood pressure monitoring devices to take immediate preventive actions against hypertension complications, such as heart attack and stroke. The Morning and Evening Hypertension Detection Technology measure the patient’s blood pressure twice so that any unusual changes in blood pressure can be detected, and preventive measures should be taken.
The Automated Morning and Evening BP Averaging Technology measures blood pressure during:
– Daytime (measurements were taken between 4:00 am, and 11:59 am.
– Nighttime (measurements recorded between 6:00 pm to 11:59 pm.
Average readings taken during daytime and nighttime detect the signs of hypertension, which helps patients seek immediate medical attention to prevent the risk of stroke or heart failure.
According to the European Society of Hypertension (ESH), a patient should record two blood pressure measurements in the morning (6 am to 9 am) and one blood pressure measurement in the evening (6 pm to 9 pm).


With innovative technological advancements, ForaCare Inc. has designed its blood pressure monitoring line with built-in technologies that aim to provide comfortable blood pressure measurements to patients. These technologies include Smart Pumping Technology (SPT), which automatically monitors your blood pressure during inflation, Smart Re-Pumping Technology, which re-pumps air into the cuff in case of deflation, and Automated Morning & Evening Hypertension Technology for detecting hypertension during daytime and night-time to take preventive actions against heart failure and stroke. Visit our website for information about blood pressure monitoring devices.

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