5 Health Benefits of Fasting

Benefits of fasting

Fasting is an age-old practice that plays a central role in many cultures and religions. It is synonymous with the Christian Lent and Muslim Ramadan. Fasting is commonly characterized as the abstinence from all or some foods or drinks for a set period of time, which spans depending on the type of fasting performed. However, aside from the religious role, fasting also provides many health benefits. Today, we will review some of these key health benefits of fasting and how they benefit disease prevention.

1. Promotes Blood Sugar Control

Fasting can improve blood sugar control, which is extremely beneficial in managing diabetes risk. Studies have shown that short-term intermittent fasting significantly decreased blood sugar levels and reduced insulin resistance, which in turn aids in keeping blood sugar levels steady by preventing spikes and crashes in your blood sugar levels.

2. Improved Immunity System

Inflammation is a normal immune process the body utilizes to combat infections, however, chronic inflammation can have serious consequences for your health, increasing risks of heart disease, cancer and, other immunosystem diseases.
Studies have shown that short-term fasting can help decrease levels of inflammation and help promote better health.

3. Improved Heart Health

Studies have shown that short-term fasting can reduce levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol and blood triglycerides, as well as decreased blood pressure. These contribute to a lowered risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing the stress in the blood vessels.

4. Physical Rejuvenation

Fasting puts your body through a rejuvenation process. By limiting the availability of calories and nutrients, the body focuses on dissolving diseased cells, old tissue and getting rid of waste products from the system, while introducing new healthy tissue and recalibrated nutrient distribution to these healthy parts of the body.

5. Aids Weight Loss

Studies show that short-term fasting and regulated meal times can aid in limiting calorie intake and boosting metabolism. It is also observed that fasting can help the body in switching metabolism to fat burning whilst preserving muscle mass, which helps improve body composition.


Fasting can be beneficial to the human body in regulating blood sugar levels and improving bodily function. This then contributes to the reduction of the risk of diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. However, it is important to consult your doctor if you’re under medication or diabetic.

The best way to manage chronic diseases is through healthy living, working with your healthcare professional for the optimal treatment plan and active self-monitoring.

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