Total Cholesterol Management: How FORA 6 Contributes To It?

Better Total Cholesterol Management

Numerous diseases reduce the quality of life of people around the globe. One such health issue is high cholesterol levels, which can do a lot of harm internally without the person knowing. Therefore, it is vital to get all the markers of metabolic syndrome checked at the earliest. This allows more time to pursue better total cholesterol management and prevent health risks.

In this article, we will talk about the FORA-6 device designed to check levels of total cholesterol in a span of just 60 seconds with the help of highly sensitive strips.

Damage That High Cholesterol Levels Cause:

Firstly, there are mainly two kinds of cholesterol circulating in the blood, known as the good and the bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol is known as HDL, whereas the bad cholesterol is called LDL. These levels are supposed to be tightly regulated; otherwise, they have the potential to cause a lot of damage to the vessels of the body.

High levels of LDL can end up depositing on the walls of the vessels, considerably decreasing the diameter of their lumen. This prevents the blood from flowing properly. This can result in high incidences of myocardial infarction and stroke.

Importance Of Managing Cholesterol And The Role Of FORA 6:

Next, if you’re exhibiting signs of heart disease, then you are required to get your levels of total cholesterol checked at the earliest convenience. Deranged levels are then first managed by lifestyle modifications and later switched to medications. Hence, the minute you know that your LDL levels are high, you should stop eating a high-fat diet and start with medicines to increase HDL and decrease LDL levels.

Management of cholesterol levels is the key to a healthy heart. Lowering your cholesterol reduces the risk of many chronic conditions, like stroke, heart disease, and atherosclerosis.

Achieve Better Total Cholesterol Management:

Lastly, a routine check of cholesterol levels can significantly influence the prevention rate of any heart disease. An increase in cholesterol levels as soon as detected can therefore be managed by increasing the dose of lipid-lowering drugs. FORA 6 is one such device that can easily and quickly detect high levels of total cholesterol in the blood. The most significant advantage of this device is its ability to give a reading in just a drop of blood. You can quickly get the results in less than a minute. These results are then automatically sent to the healthcare facilitator, who can communicate with you about cholesterol management based on those results.

Features of FORA 6 for measuring cholesterol include:

– Advanced Superior Sip-in Technology (ASSI Technology)
– Fast blood absorption in the strip
– Gold advanced strip technology for high precision and accuracy
– Quick results within 60 seconds


The use of FORA-6 can help individuals manage their cholesterol levels after getting it checked. This saves them the time to go to their nearest lab, get their blood drawn, and wait for their reports. They can now get their health status in just 60 seconds.

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