Management Of High Ketone Levels And The Contribution Of FORA 6

Management of high ketone levels

There are many diseases that persist in the human body without the individual getting to know about them. These diseases cause damage to the cells of the body and show symptoms only when a lot of harm has already been caused. Therefore quick assessment, intervention and management of high ketone levels in such cases can help save a person’s life.

What Increases The Levels Of Ketones?

Ketones are a byproduct of fat metabolism. They increase in concentration if the body is deficient in insulin. All cells need energy, and in order to compensate for the low levels of glucose in the cells, the body starts breaking down fat and producing ketones in the blood as a form of alternate energy fuel.

What Is Ketoacidosis And Why Is It Dangerous?

Ketoacidosis is a condition mostly associated with Diabetes Mellitus type 1, in which insulin is not produced at all. In case such individuals forget to inject themselves with insulin or consume too many sugary items, they may develop this serious disorder. Diabetic Ketoacidosis is a serious condition that requires emergency treatment. The symptoms are usually drowsiness, vomiting, headache, fruity breath, fast breathing, and a flushed face.

High levels of ketones being accumulated in the blood can be very dangerous and cause coma and then death if not treated quickly.

Importance Of Measuring Ketones And The Use Of FORA-6:

People who suffer from DM-type 1 are at an increased risk of developing Ketoacidosis when their blood sugar level increases from 300mg/dL. When this condition arises, it is important to get the levels of ketones checked as soon as possible. This is where FORA-6 has an exceptional role.

The following is a list of advantages that come with the use of FORA-6, especially in individuals suffering from DM-type 1;

– Portable and Quick Results: The small pocket-friendly device can detect levels of beta-ketones in a matter of just ten seconds. This not just saves time for the doctors waiting for the reports but also helps patients get treated faster.
– Quick Consultation: With the device having 3G/4G connectivity, the levels of beta ketones are communicated with a healthcare provider, who can prescribe medications on the go.
• Alert Messages: The device is designed in such a way that it can also set reminders and receive alerts so that the individual does not miss out on checking their blood ketone levels.
– A Small Quantity Of Blood Required: The FORA-6 device requires a very small quantity of blood (0.8 microL), therefore causing a minimal amount of pain to the individual.


Timely management of pathologies is what can save an individual’s life. Ketoacidosis, which usually develops as a consequence of uncontrolled DM-type 1, can have fatal outcomes. A device that is very easy to use can therefore help constantly monitor the levels of ketones in the blood. Early detection of high levels of ketones can be dealt with quickly and save the patient from going into a coma or, worse, death.

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