FORA 6 Plus

FORA 6 Plus

FORA® 6 Plus

Do More with Less.

With the ability to measure multiple-parameters in a single device, you will achieve a more comprehensive diabetes management.

Features and Benefits



Has 5 test strips and measures six parameters, blood glucose (BG), hematocrit (HCT), hemoglobin (HB), β-ketone (KB), total cholesterol (TCH) and uric acid (UA)

LCD Backlight

FORA 6 Series Gold Strips (GDH-FAD)

With 5-Electrode Technology and strips made with gold, FORA 6 test strips ensure high accuracy and precision at wide hematocrit ranges.(0% ~ 70%)

Wide hematocrit range

Can measure blood glucose (BG) from dialysis patients, gestational diabetes and neonates.

Bluetooth Connectivity

USB connectivity

Transfer data to PC/laptop via Strip Port Comm cable, leading to better diabetes management.

Strip Ejection

Strip ejection

Comes with a hygienic strip ejection design, it allows users to remove used test strips without contact.

Ketone Warning

Ketone warning

Be aware of abnormal ketone levels (≥ 240mg/dL / 13.3mmol/L) at a glance.

Product Specifications


Blood Glucose (BG), Hematocrit (HCT), Hemoglobin (HB), β-Ketone (KB), Uric Acid (UA) and Total Cholesterol (TCH)


KB: β-Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase
UA: Uric Acid Catalyst
TCH: Cholesterol esterase / Cholesterol oxidase

Sample volume & Measuring time

BG: 0.5μL, 5 seconds

BG+HCT+HB: 0.5μL, 5 seconds

KB: 0.8μL, 10 seconds

UA: 1.0μL, 15 seconds

TCH: 3.0μL, 60 seconds


No calibration / coding is needed for Blood Glucose and 3 in 1 Tests; Code card required for KB, UA and TCH tests

HCT range

BG: 0 ~ 70%
BG+HCT+HB: 0 ~ 70%
KB: 10 ~ 70%
UA: 20 ~ 60%
TCH: 20 ~ 60%

Day average

7, 14, 21, 28, 60, 90 days

Daily alarm


AC/PC recording



LCD backlight

Universal Tone


Meter Dimensions (H x W x D)

89.8 x 54.9 x 18.0 mm

Weight (without battery)


Power supply

1 x AAA battery

Memory capacity

1,000 memory sets


USB-Strip Port COM Cable

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