FORA® 6 Connect

Advanced Multi-Functional Monitoring System

Laboratory analysis confirms its high precision and accuracy.

Features and Benefits

ForaCare is the first handheld 6-parameter meter in the world that enables the measurements of 6 parameters which make testing fast and comprehensive. 


The FORA 6 was designed for advanced diabetes self-management, and it can measure:

  • Blood Glucose (BG)

  • Hematocrit Concentration (HCT)

  • Hemoglobin (HB)

  • β-Ketone (KB)

  • Uric Acid (UA)

  • Total Cholesterol (TCH)

Advanced GDH-FAD Technology

Eliminates interference from oxygen variation and non-glucose sugar such as maltose and galactose.

3 Meal Test Markers

General (Gen) / Pre-meal (AC) / Post-meal (PC) test markers provide a better understanding of how your body reacts before and after meals so as to further adjust your diabetes management plans to achieve your goals. You can quickly identify trends in your mealtime readings.

ASSI Technology

Advanced Superior Sip-In Technology improves overall test experience. Precision through fast and easy blood absorption at any angle.

1,000 Memory Sets

Up to 1,000 results help you to keep good records and stay on track.

Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

FORA® 6 Connect comes with Bluetooth. Data is easily analysed with one single app — the new iFORA HM.

Mobility Application
FORA 6 Test Strips

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