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Features and Benefits
  • ASSI (Advanced Superior Sip-In) Technology.

  • Talking-Voice Guided 2.0

  • Pre/Post Meal Test Markers.

  • Safe Strip Ejection

  • Strip Feed Light

  • No-coding Required

  • Ketone Warning

  • Speedy Measurements

  • Memory: 450 Test Results with Date & Time

  • LCD Backlit

  • Micro USB Connectivity

ASSI Technology

Talking-Voice Guided 2.0

Designed to take you through each step of the blood glucose testing procedure. Detailed instructions and results are read aloud.

No Coding

Diamond Series glucose meters come with an advanced built-in coding technology. Users can now enjoy an easy and convenient test experience. It eliminates the need to code each batch of test strips. Simply insert the strip and test!

Pre/Post Meal Test Markers

General (Gen) / Pre-meal (AC) / Post-meal (PC) test markers provide a better understanding of how your body reacts before and after meals so as to further adjust your diabetes management plans to achieve your goals. You can quickly identify trends in your mealtime readings.

ASSI Technology

Advanced Superior Sip-In Technology improves overall test experience. Precision through fast and easy blood absorption at any angle.

7-, 14-, 21-, 28-, 60-, 90-Day Average

Up to 1,000 test results help you to keep better records and stay on track.

Micro-USB Connectivity

Download your blood glucose results to your computers simply by plugging the USB into the computer's USB port!


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