ForaCare Providing Critical Tools to Help Control COVID-19 Spread

Autonomous Temperature Measurement, Pulse Oximetry, TeleHealth System Helps Medical Personnel and Patients

ST. GALLEN, Switzerland, May 04, 2020 — In the fight to contain the spread of COVID-19 around the world, ForaCare Suisse AG is providing tools to medical personnel, public officials, businesses, and patients to help improve efforts.  ForaCare tools to help monitor symptoms to avoid exposure as well as to provide critical information for patients being remotely monitored during isolation or hospitalization are at the core of the company’s advanced work during the pandemic.

“ForaCare has been at the forefront of the pandemic since the earliest cases were reported in China,” said C.W. Chen, President of ForaCare group. “We understood that the tools we produce could be combined in ways that could help in the fight to contain the pandemic, including our Fora Autonomous Temperature Measuring Station, which combines our non-touch temperature monitor with our Telehealth features via our software loaded on an iPad device and connected to a medical cart to make the system mobile and free-standing. The system has received positive news coverage in Taiwanese media including CBC News. Watch the report:

In addition, our pulse oximeter and full Telehealth system provide tools that can help medical teams save lives. They are able to remotely monitor COVID-19 patients who are in quarantine and allows for medical experts’ rapid response and intervention, if needed, in the event patients worsen.”


ForaCare’s manufacturing infrastructure is based in Taiwan, a country that has largely succeeded in tamping down the virus’ impact. Though neighboring mainland China has reported more than 80,000 cases of the virus, Taiwan, a country of 23 million people, has reported only 400 cases according to multiple media reports, and the country is being seen as a global model for successful containment of the deadly virus. Its containment, monitoring and quarantine measures are being lauded as the reasons for their relative success in the battle.



Important Tools in the COVID-19 Pandemic



The FORA Autonomous Temperature Measuring Station allows for accurate and precise temperature readings to be provided from a location close to a person or patient without needing a person to operate the thermometer. The system allows for temperature measurement and monitoring from a safe distance, as well as highly accurate instant readings and data capture. In addition to the station, the company also offers a range of thermometers including infrared non-contact forehead thermometers and ear thermometers.


Pulse Oximetry

The FORA PO200 is a comfortable pulse oximeter that conveniently measures arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate (pulse). The measured results can be seamlessly synced with iFORA O2 via Bluetooth for a comprehensive data analysis.


Remote Monitoring

The ForaCare Telehealth System allows for remote monitoring of patients via the ForaCare app as well as online and can provide real-time data to medical personnel on the status of important parameters including fever, blood pressure and oxygen saturation among available customizable monitoring options.


For more information on our full range of health monitoring tools during the COVID-19 pandemic, and product availability, visit:

About FORA® devices: 

ForaCare offers a full spectrum of innovative health management tools for professionals and consumers. In addition to temperature measurement, its offerings include devices for telehealth monitoring, blood glucose measurement, and blood pressure monitoring. ForaCare’s clinically-validated blood glucose monitoring tools include its FORA® 6 Connect - the first handheld multi-parameter meter for home use which measures blood glucose, hematocrit concentration, hemoglobin, β-ketone, uric acid, and total cholesterol, in a simple, accurate and reliable way.


Constantly innovating and creating new products to improve the health of thousands of patients, ForaCare Suisse offers a wide variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices for Telehealth, with bridges to patients, hospitals and doctors.



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