FORA® FocusTemp

Contactless Forehead Thermometer (IR42)

Designed for Professional and Home Use

  • Contactless measurement

  • Fast readings in one-second

  • Child / adult / surface modes

  • Color-coded fever alert

  • One-touch measurement



Advanced IR (Infrared) Technology

FORA® FocusTemp Forehead Thermometer (IR42) uses Advanced Infrared (IR) Technology to measure temperature instantly and accurately on the forehead or any surface area. It delivers a body temperature reading from the thermal radiation emitted from the forehead without any body contact (3 to 7 cm away from and perpendicular to the surface of the skin).

One-second Measurement

Contactless Design

Forehead Temperature

Temperature of Objective Surface

Fever Alert (≥38°C)

Clinically Validated Accuracy

The FORA FocusTemp IR42 has excelled in the clinical accuracy tests, which are specified by two characteristics: Clinical bias with its standard deviation, and the clinical repeatability.


Clinical bias and standard deviation – When compared to the reference thermometer, FORA FocusTemp IR42 firmly complies with ASTM E1965-98 (2016) standard requirements, demonstrating a bias of 0.17 °C. The standard deviation of the clinical bias was 0.08 °C


Repeatability test – It was conducted by taking three sequential temperature readings from each subject of the 120 test subjects. The pooled clinical repeatability of FORA FocusTemp is considered logically small, having R2 = 0.986.

  • Contactless measurement

  • Fast readings in one-second


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