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ForaCare Hypertension Solutions

ForaCare Hypertension Solutions

Hypertension is one of the world’s most common chronic diseases. The condition occurs when the blood pressure is higher than normal, which may cause serious health issues, such as cardiovascular diseases.


Known for being a silent killer, most hypertension patients do not present symptoms until a severe stage is reached. Therefore, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle paired with periodic blood pressure monitoring is crucial.


Over the years, ForaCare has developed innovative blood pressure monitoring technologies, allowing patients to manage their health parameters from the comfort of their homes.

Improve Hypertension Monitoring Today

Did you know that recording blood pressure at home improves hypertension treatment?


Several studies have demonstrated that taking isolated clinic blood pressure is not sufficient. Home measurements supplement clinical medical measures and allow caregivers to assess a patient’s blood pressure and response to medication more accurately.


Every detail is tailored to the demands of hypertension patients: high-quality blood pressure monitors with intuitive operation and advanced technologies. This makes FORA blood pressure monitors optimal for home monitoring with peace of mind.

Preventing and Managing Hypertension

Keeping track of blood pressure measurements is a crucial part of treating hypertension. However, this should be paired with maintaining a healthy lifestyle to prevent more severe health complications.

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Hypertension Management Solutions

Tubeless Blood Pressure Monitor
  • – Innovative portable design to measure blood pressure from anywhere
  • – All-in-one button operation
2-in-1 Monitor
  • – Measures blood pressure and blood glucose
  • – Seamless data transmission via 3G/4G connectivity
Blood Pressure Monitor
  • – Allows auscultatory mode
  • – Clinically validated by ESH 2010 for professional and home use
Advanced Technologies Developed for You

Advanced Technologies Developed for You

ForaCare’s innovative technologies were developed to keep on improving people’s quality of life.

  • AVG Technology: conducts three consecutive blood pressure measurements and averages them for a reliable averaged test result.
  • IRB Technology: automatically detects pulse irregularities with high precision during blood pressure measurements, serving as an early warning.
  • SRP Technology: automatically re-pumps air into the cuff in case of insufficient cuff pressure or moving artifacts.
  • SPT Technology: measures blood pressure during the inflation part of the measurement, decreasing measurement time and increasing comfort.
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