Cellular Multi-Functional Monitoring System

Our flagship comes with 3G/4G connectivity. You can directly send your data to a Telehealth System from anywhere, at any time, for a more comprehensive diabetes management.

Features and Benefits

FORA® 6 Series is the first handheld 6-parameter meter in the world that enables the measurements of 6 parameters: (blood glucose (BG), hemoglobin (HB), hematocrit (HCT), β-ketone (KB), total cholesterol (TCH), and uric acid (UA), making it a comprehensive diabetes management device.

Other features include:

  • Large touch and color screen panel

  • Service button to notify a healthcare professional about the patient's situation

  • Talking guidance

  • Tiny sample volume (0.5μL)

  • Quick measuring results (5 seconds)

  • Strip ejection design to reduce cross-infection possibility

  • Strip feed light



ASSI Technology

Advanced Superior Sip-In Technology improves overall test experience. Precision through fast and easy blood absorption at any angle.

Auto upload of results

A Sim card (3G, 4G or higher) automatically uploads results after a test is completed.

Advanced GDH-FAD Technology

Eliminates interference from oxygen variation and non-glucose sugar such as maltose and galactose.

1,000 Memory Sets

Up to 1,000 memory capacity with date and time helps you keep better records and stay on track.

High-contrast and brilliant LCD

Colour LCD with high-contrast improves the visibility of the results displayed on the glucose meter which boosts readability.

FORA 6 GTel Specifications

Test strip (Blood Glucose)

Enzyme / Measurement technology


Sample volume

Measuring time

AST (Alternative Site Testing)
Blood sample source


HCT range

Day average

Daily alarm

AC/PC recording

Measurement range

LCD backlight

Universal Tone

Meter dimensions (L x W x H)

Weight (without battery)

Power supply

Memory capacity

Operating temperature


FORA 6 Series Test Strips


No coding


5 seconds

Palm, forearm and upper arm

Home use: capillary whole blood
Professionals: venous, arterial, and neonatal whole blood

0 - 70%

7, 14, 21, 28, 60, 90 days



10 ~ 600mg/dL (0.55 ~ 33.3mmol/L)


Talking guidance

98 x 55 x 15.5 mm

63.2 g

Rechargeable li-polymer battery

1,000 memory sets

8°C ~ 45°C (46.4°F ~ 113°F), below 85% R.H. (non-condensing)

Cellular Data - 3G/4G Sim card

FORA 6 Test Strips Specifications

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