Female Care

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Digital & Early Pregnancy Test

FORA Female Care provides simple tools with high accuracy and reliability, providing the readings that you can rely on.

PNC 100

  • FORA PNC100 Pregnancy Test was clinically tested with 100 healthy female volunteers at an obstetrics and gynecology clinic.

  • It is proven to have a 99% accuracy rate in detecting pregnancy on the first day of a missed period.

PNC 110

  • FORA PNC110 digital pregnancy test  gives the most accurate and clear results with a YES / NO on the display.

  • A 99% accuracy rate on the day of an expected period. 

  • The coin battery can be removed for recycling after use.

PNC 200

  • FORA PNC200 early pregnancy test provides a qualitative hCG urine test with easy-to-interpret results. With its high hCG sensitivity, pregnancy can be detected as early as five days before your period is due. Result time is only 3-5 minutes and interpretation is as easy as PNC200. Simply DIP and READ.

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