FORA® Diamond VOICE Glucose Monitor Delivers Sound Results at MEDICA 2015
ST. GALLEN, Switzerland, November 10, 2015 / ForaCare Suisse AG located in St. Gallen, Switzerland, announced today it is featuring its entire line of Diamond blood glucose monitors at MEDICA 2015 and spotlighting its innovative device that produces sound results.  The FORA® Diamond Voice provides an audible human voice to deliver blood glucose measurements to elderly and hearing and visually impaired patients.

FORA® Diamond VOICE is a new kind of blood glucose monitor that provides a simple-to-use alternative to traditional blood glucose meters.  Patients can choose to read or hear their measurement, making it simple and easy to monitor in almost any setting.  The device may also provide convenience and privacy for sighted users.  About 10 percent of diabetic patients are severely visually impaired and about 2 percent are blind.  Conditions including cataract, glaucoma, retinopathy and even vision loss can affect diabetic patients.

“ForaCare Suisse AG is pleased to present our Diamond series of blood glucose monitors to the market to provide elderly and visually impaired users with an option that provides accurate information quickly and easily,” said Ty-Minh Tan, CEO of ForaCare Suisse AG. 

For optimal diabetes self-management, blood glucose measurement is part of a patient’s daily routine, but due to sight limitations, many patients need assistance to monitor their blood glucose using traditional meters.  FORA® Diamond VOICE features a convex lens, a large backlight, and a contrast brightness screen that allows for easier viewing as well as a one-button design.  Its built-in voice feature provides a human voice reading function that helps patients successfully measure their blood glucose without assistance. So, whether day or night, dark or light conditions, diabetic patients can test their blood glucose simply and easily, anytime, anywhere.

FORA® Diamond VOICE has a memory capacity that holds 450 tests (with 7, 14, 21, 28, 60 and 90-day averages) including date and time and allows the user to choose pre-meal or post-meal measurements.

All ForaCare monitoring devices are validated as highly accurate in the industry and provide superior quality directly to consumers.  FORA® Blood Glucose Monitors are validated according to ISO 15197 requirements at an internationally renowned diabetes institute in Ulm, Germany.

LNE certified that the blood glucose monitors developed by ForaCare Suisse AG complies with the requirements of the Directive 98/79/EC, annex IV (excluding sections 4 & 6).

LNE certified that the quality management system developed by ForaCare Suisse AG complies with the requirements of the international standards of ISO 13485:2003 – NF EN ISO 13485:2012.

LNE certified that the quality system for design, manufacturing and final inspection of the ForaCare monitoring devices, lancing device and sterile blood lancet, thermometer and nebulizer complies with the requirements of the Directive 93/42/EEC, annex II (excluding section 4).

ForaCare devices comply with new ISO standards and have completed third party validations:

  • FORA® Diamond strips (for the Diamond series) is clinically validated in the Czech Republic and Switzerland and are proven to meet the +/- 15% required by the new ISO 15197:2013. 
  • FORA® Comfort Pro GD40 (with 5-electrode technology) is clinically validated in Switzerland and is proven to meet the +/- 15% required by the new ISO 15197:2013
ForaCare provides FDA cleared and CE marked innovative health monitoring devices that provide simple connection to the FORA system. For more information, please visit http://www.foracare.ch/

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