Procaps Launches New GlucoQuick™ Individually Wrapped Blood Glucose Test Strips
Provides Clean, Safe, Reliable, Efficient Alternative to Vialed Test Strips
BARRANQUILLA, Colombia - Procaps S.A. Procaps - DIABETRICS in Colombia launches new line of Blood glucose test devices GlucoQuick - Diamond™ with GDH-FAD enzyme. Strips that ensure accurate and reliable results. Besides these strips come in individual packaging with less risk of contamination and high levels of biosecurity for Hospitals and Point of Care.

The enzyme used in the manufacture of the strips GlucoQuick Diamond FAD-GDH is glucose dehydrogenase, the enzyme is recommended by the U.S. FDA because it ensures more accurate results, to eliminate the interference of oxygen variation versus exposure strip the environment and to not interfere with the test result of glucose with other non-glucose sugar as maltose and galactose.

The presentation in individual packaging strips GlucoQuick - Diamond ™ GDH-FAD enables high efficiency and low wastage rate retail strips risk of contamination (the strip has little exposure to oxygen and other environmental contaminants factors that may alter the effectiveness of the strip during handling prior to testing), this means greater economy (lower cost). Traditional packaging for other traditional test strip vial is including multiple strips (typically with 25 strips per bottle) subjecting the strips to oxygen exposure and increasing humidity and environmental pollutants which may diminish the effectiveness strip.

For Hospitals and point of care, GlucoQuick - Diamond ™ GDH-FAD is the best alternative for testing blood glucose, since the individual packaging ensures reliable results in all strips including use until real expiry date, with less waste useless strips contributing to a more effective and efficient management of inventory with better control of spending. Additionally health professionals involved in making the test may experience a higher level of biosecurity.

GlucoQuick Strips - Diamond ™ GDH-FAD are available for sale in individual packaging:

  • Box of 500 strips for use in hospitals and Points fo cares
  • Box of 50 for sale in retail chains

GlucoQuick test strips - Diamond ™ GDH-FAD are manufactured to Procaps - DIABETRICS by FORA Care Suisse AG.

For more information and product availability, please contact:


free online 018000522277


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