Fora Care Suisse AG Signs Deal with Truworth Health Technologies to Launch Diabetes and Home Health Care Products in Indian Market
Truworth Health Technologies
Fora Care Suisse AG located in St. Gallen, Switzerland announced today it is partnering with Truworth Health Technologies Pvt Ltd, based in Mumbai, India to bring Fora Care’s Diabetes and Home Health Care products to the Indian market. The deal was signed via memorandum of understanding to provide exclusive distribution rights for the Indian market to Truworth.
Fora Care Suisse AG is an established supplier of innovative and secure healthcare products internationally, with expertise in providing reliable and consistent diabetes health monitoring solutions. Truworth Health Technologies is India’s leading health and wellness management company, providing products for biometric screening solutions, and mobile and cloud-based health and chronic disease management solutions in the space of mHealth, Tele-health and health informatics. Together, this distribution partnership provides extensive reach for Fora Care into the Indian market.

Recent research figures have suggested that about 61 million people are diabetic in India – the largest population of diabetes patients in the world.

“More people suffer from diabetes in India than in any other country and this is a situation where we, industry leaders, should devise a strategy to help prevent the continued increases of the disease in that population,” said Ty-Minh Tan, CEO of Fora Care Suisse AG. “We should also develop a strategy to help health care providers manage the current diabetic Indian population with a robust mechanism powered by advanced technology and engagement initiatives. To that end, we believe our diabetes care range of home health devices is among the best in the world and together with Truworth Health and their connectivity solutions, we are well positioned to meet the challenge.“

“The key to our success is realizing that devices alone cannot yield the desired results and connectivity alone cannot reach the objective – it’s the combination of stellar products in both critical areas and the important constant and successful engagement of patients with this technology that will bring change and better health to the people of India and around the world,” added Tan. “We are pleased to partner with Truworth Health to penetrate the Indian market’s pharmacies, hospitals and physicians who treat diabetes (diabetologists).”

“In India, the preventive healthcare market, especially with respect to the diabetes management segment, is experiencing a complete overhaul as technology solutions are creating an ecosystem with a holistic approach. It goes beyond people just measuring their blood glucose,” said Rajeish Moondraa, managing director and CEO of Truworth Health. “Our strategic collaboration with Fora Care allows us to offer a comprehensive mobile-enabled diabetes management solution. Together with Fora Care’s blue-tooth enabled devices, and smart feedback, we can provide opportunity for timely interventions by specialists in a single package. This suite of products provides unique and simple-to-use solutions so pharmacies, hospitals and diabetologists can enable their patients to have better outcomes.”

“We sought to provide quality products with the latest technology and best price proposition in the premium category. Fora Care was the obvious choice in the marketplace. Together with Fora Care, we can create a robust distribution network in India providing opportunity for the wide range of Fora Care products across India”, Moondraa added. “We are proud to be associated with Fora Care in India and we stand committed to make quality, patient-friendly diabetes management products that provide complete mobile solutions.”

Included in Fora Care’s diabetes solutions is its app, iFORA, which gives users the ability to transmit their individual blood glucose data from their glucose meter to their mobile devices through Bluetooth connectivity. To view the new app, visit the iTunes ® Store or Google Play ®.

About ForaCare Suisse AG:
All Fora Care monitoring devices are validated as highly accurate in the industry and provide superior quality directly to consumers. FORA Blood Glucose Monitors are validated according to ISO 15197 requirements at an internationally renowned diabetes institute in Ulm, Germany. Fora Care provides FDA cleared and CE marked innovative health monitoring devices that provide simple connection to the FORA system. For more information, please visit http://www.ForaCare.ch

About Truworth Health :
Truworth Health Technologies, Pvt., Ltd. is India’s leading health and wellness management company with unique state-of-art, product offerings in the areas of employee health and wellness, on-site biometric screening solutions, cloud & mobile-based health and chronic disease management solutions.


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