Truworth Health- An Introduction
Truworth Health Technologies

Truworth Health Technologies Pvt Ltd  based in Mumbai is India’s largest employee health and wellness, mhealth, Tele-Medicine and e-health organization with its presence in all major cities of India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. Truworth has clients like Deutsche Bank, SCB, H.P, Mindtree, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, HGS Global etc and serves approx 1 million consumers through its variety of health and wellness service offerings.
Truworth is also India’s leading mhealth and tele-health organization and has developed solutions for diabetes management, cardiac monitoring and Wellness and fitness management.
Truworth Health has developed a holistic and 360 degree ecosystem for Diabetes Management via its signature mobile and cloud based APP- mGluco and its unique Patient Health Record and Case Management System.mGluco offers an integrated approach towards diabetes management where all stakeholders take active part in management process and its Case Management Module enables doctors, pharma companies etc to access the data base of a particular set of people enrolled in to the program and to provide consultation to them with proper interventions as per the interpretations of the available data. This sets mGluco apart from the other diabetes management related plain APP’s as it offers a complete 360 degree service eco system with an integrated operating approach involving all stakeholders.
Other USP’s of mGluco like Global Food Data base covering food items from world cuisines, Diabetic friendly health recipes, Log charts and trends analysis, Exercise options with globally accreditated METs system, smart feedback, reminders for food, medicines and insulin, diabetes informational content, diabetes dictitionary etc makes it a comprehensive ecosystem.
Truworth Health is soon planning to introduce its, two new mhealth solutions -eFit for Wellness and fitness management , again with holistic and integrated approach of back end support, goal setting, timely interventions, food and nutrition consultations and feedbacks with reviews. The another solution mCardio has been developed for remote live cardiac monitoring using smart phones and cloud based module .mCardio enables doctors to keep their patients under monitoring without keeping them in the hospitals after procedures. mCardio is also equipped with integrated back end case management system for 360 degree feedback and sharing of data among the stakeholders and subsequent feedbacks , alerts etc.

About Truworth Health :
Truworth Health Technologies, Pvt., Ltd. is India’s leading health and wellness management company with unique state-of-art, product offerings in the areas of employee health and wellness, on-site biometric screening solutions, cloud & mobile-based health and chronic disease management solutions.

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Amit Deep Kumar
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